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Bioidentical Hormones made simple

Bio-Identical Hormones are a plant based hormone with a chemical structure like the hormones the body naturally produce. As we age the hormones we produce decrease. This decline and fluctuation can began as early as age 35. The average age for menopause is 51 plus or minus 3 years. When we lack these hormones we feel the affect.
Common symptoms are hot flashes, night sweats, decreased libido, and no energy, can’t sleep, weight gain, fluid retention, foggy memory, bladder leakage, painful intercourse. There are others. These symptoms can get in the way of you living your best life. Middle age does not begin until age 65. An old Chinese philosopher once said that your second life begins at age 65. I want to enjoy these years. It sounds like the best is yet to come.

Common hormone therapy prescribed includes Premarin, an estrogen like product, made from horse urine. The problem with managing menopausal symptoms with this product alone is women don’t want a product made from horse urine and it will not address all of the common menopausal symptoms.

Balancing your hormones with Bio-identical/Natural Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone is safer and more complete. Women often avoid Hormone therapy due to fear that they will develop cancer and die. Fact is the most common cause of death for a woman age 50 and above is Heart Disease. I will discuss breast cancer prevention and how a simple vitamin can decrease your chances of developing it by 50% in the October newsletter.

Bio-identical hormones when prescribed and taken correctly, enable you to get a full night sleep, be more energized, have a great sex life, mental clarity, better bladder control, vaginal pleasure, improved metabolism and so much more. Not Death. I encourage you to find out what your hormone levels are, be clear on how you want to feel and begin therapy.

Bio-Identical hormones are best prescribed after testing your hormone levels and determining the right dosage and route for you to take. They are customized just for you. These hormones can be in the form of a cream, pellet injection, troche or capsule. They are compounded just for you based on your levels and prescribed to give you the right balance needed for you to feel your best.

There comes a point in our life when it is time to assume the throne and live your best life. Answer these questions for yourself: What would you do if you awakened everyday ready to start the day? How would it feel if you wanted a more intimate relationship with your significant other? What could you accomplish if hot flashes didn’t hold you back or your leaky bladder?

The Best is yet to come.

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