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Could It Be Your Thyroid?

If you’ve noticed your scale inch higher and higher, your inability to lose weight may not be your fault. Could it be your thyroid?

Finding it a challenge to lose weight you may want to think about turning to procedures like Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting is great for getting rid of unwanted fat but not for losing weight. How’s the functioning of your thyroid? Wouldn’t we all like to think that our difficulties to lose weight could be found in this area of our body? But the reality is that this might actually be true. However, the only issue is that looking at your TSH levels alone will not give you the complete answer to your problems.

If you’re having a difficult time losing fat, I love Coolsculpting for eliminating that hard to lose fatty area like your muffin top. But you need to turn up the heat a few notches to see results on the scale and to keep the fat off. If your healthcare provider is only looking at TSH and Free T4, you may not be getting a complete assessment of your thyroid function. This disorder often goes undiagnosed. Make no mistake; proper thyroid hormone levels are necessary to burn fat. Coolsculpting destroy fat by freezing fat cells. Optimal thyroid function helps to turns fat into heat that is used for energy production and assists the body in losing weight. It also makes you feel more energized. Most healthcare providers fail to look at all levels of the thyroid like, Free T3, Reverse T3, and the TPO antibody. When all levels are optimized you can enjoy optimal thyroid health. Once done, you can’t blame the lack of thyroid functioning on your challenges with weight loss. You may want to then question your food choices and exercise regimen, which also affects how you burn fat. Adhering to my 80:20 rule of eighty percent good nutrition (no simple carbs or processed foods) and 20 percent gotta have it foods. Only then will you be happy with your weight loss or at least maintain your current number on the scale. With a complete thyroid assessment, you’ll be able to manage your health wisely. Free T3 is the active form of the thyroid hormone. In order for it to be produced adequately it needs assistance. This comes in the form of proper levels of iodine, cortisol, zinc, selenium and progesterone. While it may sound simple, it’s a complex relationship. The Free T3 level lowers with mental stress, fad diets and physical stress on the body. Deficiencies in iodine, zinc, progesterone and selenium can also have an effect. Bottom line, you can’t turn fat into heat if you don’t have optimal thyroid hormone support. If you’re ready to take charge of your health get your thyroid performing at optimal level.

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