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Healthy Breast

An area not often associated with good Breast health is our oral hygiene. That’s right ladies, undetected teeth issues can lead to breast cancer and other chronic disease. Gum disease, root canals, mercury fillings and cavitation’s have a strong correlation with breast cancer as hidden toxins/infection hinder our immune health. According to recent studies, persons with bad teeth and gum disease are 2 times more likely to have breast disease compared to a person with healthy teeth and gums.

My Five Steps for Healthy Breast

1. Replace foods for healthier options:
Replace canned soup for homemade vegetable soup
Frozen dinners for fresh salads and vegetables
Refined sugars for Stevia
Sodas for Kombucha

2. Vitamins to Boost Breast Health
Vitamin D3, for optimal level (60-80)
Vitamin C (buffered) Antioxidant
Dim 3 (rids the body of excess estrogen),
Indol 3 Carninol found in broccoli.

3. Dental Exam every 6 months

4. Adequate rest, exercise and stress relief

5. Lymphatic breast message. Lymphatics for the breast are under the arm pit and above the collar bone. The lymphatics have a one -way valve and does not pump on its own. By making movements toward the lymphatics you help move lymphatic juices. Lymph transports cellular debris and toxins from tissue to the lymph nodes.

Steps for Lymphatic Breast Message:

Put your hand in your armpit and push inward and upward, go deep into the armpit.
Pump upward and release 10-20 times
Hold your entire breast with two hands and move it toward the armpit do this 10 times.
Holding your breast stable, pump the upper inner quadrant of your breast up toward your neck.
Do this 5 times. You can do the pumping more than the recommended times. On the moves up, use slight pressure and release to allow the breast back. This action mimics the natural movement of the lymph system

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