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Stop Monkeying Around

I learned a new term today “Monkey Mind”.  It’s not a medical term, but I’ve been educated by my patient and I surely understand.  My patient told me that her mind is having conversations and she’s feeling over stimulated.  She is going over and over things in her head and she is not able to shut it off.

I didn’t feel inclined to make an emergency call to the psych ward because she wasn’t hearing voices to tell her to do strange things.  In fact, she just kept going over things she needed to do.   I recommended a few supplements for support and she’s a lot calmer now.

L-Threonine is my go to supplement for releasing your racy thoughts.  She called it Monkey Brain, I call it racy thoughts.  I don’t want to ask a patient if she has monkey brain….it doesn’t sound so professional, but I totally know what she means.  Sometimes I have to use my extra special skills to figure out what’s going on with a patient.  In this case, it wasn’t that difficult.

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